HOW I GOT STARTED – “I got my kick for public speaking six years ago. I started working as a volunteer for the The Belgian Integration and Integration Agency, part of the Flemish government. My team and I got booked for group sessions by regional schools mostly to inform them on life after high school, about life at college and talk about other educational options. During the one-on-one talks, we discussed the different carreer paths we took and our plans after graduation. The main goal of these informative gatherings was to inspire, motivate and highlight the importance of education. I later on got asked frequently to assist on projects for companies with rebranding local enterprises who wanted to uplift their online presence and attract more clients.  ”

WHAT TO EXPECT – My sessions focus on real, actionable strategies and tactics. I give valuable insights for both experienced marketeers and content creators as well as those who are relatively new to the industry. Fueled by my passion for the Internet, I teach companies tactics that can help them succeed in one of today’s most competitive industries.

GET IN TOUCH! – Want me to speak at your next event? If you are interested in inviting me as a keynote speaker at your next event or book a consultancy session on all things social media or branding, please email me directly to schedule an appointment and discuss further details. Currently all bookings for 2018 are confirmed. Still available for panel discussions. New appointments can be scheduled from March, 2019.