I took ms. Noe out for a night on the town. I had a late meeting in the city and decided to meet my friends for dinner after my appointment. What makes it easy for me to be able to work while being on the go all the time is my smartphone. Besides my phone, I keep one to many notebooks with me: one for appointments and my overall schedule, one for random notes and one to write down and draw sketches. I’m still in the process of writing my second book and keeping something as simple as pen and paper on hand is very convenient. I prefer handwritten notes over using apps to stay organised. Yet I need them in order to do my job. As a blogger slash entrepreneur, having Wi-Fi, a smartphone and laptop are my main tools for running my business. The app I use everyday is the one from my mobile provider. Talking on the phone 24/7 and using data on a daily basis requires a solid connection and a monthly plan that fits my needs. I love keeping this app on hand to check if my current plan still fits my needs. Another app I use both on my phone and my laptop is Pinterest as a visual moodboard. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I tend to scroll through the board I’ve made while I play music in the background. Another app is Dropbox, this one is extremely handy for sharing files with my team. It allows me to share photos, documents and videos with any laptop or mobile device through the free cloud-based file-storing service. Skype has sort of become a new office norm for instant communication. It allows entrepreneurs like myself to schedule and attend important business conference calls on-the-go. I use Evernote for scribbling down my thoughts while being on my way or waiting around in between work or at when I get an idea at any given point, at any given place and time. I’ve had brilliant ideas come to me whilst being in the bathroom or in bed.

I used to carry around a notebook for these kind of occasions but the fear of losing that notebookg led me to Evernote. I can even take random photos and record voice reminders. Audible is the app I turn to when I need to whine down. I love playing an audiobook and take a relaxing, hot bath with candles and some wine. This is how I love taking care of my soul. To make sure my phone is  protected from potential damage such as dust, scraches or breakage when I throw my phone on my desk somewhere after a stressful phonecall, when I come back home from the office at put it on the counter before I head into the shower or when I randomnly throw my phone in my bag, I have several phonecases, portable chargers and a phone docking station with me at all times. One of them is my current favorite, it’s shockproof bodycase! I am a minimalist, so it probably comes as no suprise that I chose a elegant, black design for the purposes I mentioned before. Another key tool comes in duplicates. My agenda, one for my private life and one for work and college. I’m not the most organized person when it comes to remembering to charge my phone at night and then having no alarm that wakes me up.  Using a docking station and having it on my night stand as an addition to my night time routine, and also me enabling myself to not check my phone for emails after I decided to go to sleep was very helpful. This way both me and my phone are charged overnight. Another important and often overlooked indicator is time. Timemanagement and finding the right balance between both work, play and love. I am obsessed with watches. I recently received a new watch from Solu Watches, a relatively new player on the market but with a great vision in design! Another tool I use to create content is my portable tripod. I can fold it and it’s rather compact so I like to take this one with me when attending events or shooting content in general to make sure the footage is solid.