Holiday season is upon us. Nothing worse than having to pack your bags and realizing you can’t bring full-sized products with you on your dream destination due to airport guidelines. So most people buy small contains to distribute their favorite products into plastic trvavel kits but why not just buy mini’s. I am fortunate enough to receive travel-sized products ever now and then but I made it my mission to think diffently about packaging waste and the environment. I have so many full-sized products that I throw away in the hotel before I go back home which is such a shame. Various drugstore retailers now carry more and more mini-sized products, from your favorite shampoo to toothpaste and sunscreen. Samples are also easily accessible at your local pharmacist. Let’s have a look at which items I bring with me. Small items with a huge impact.

In my carry on, I bring a small clear pouch with skincare products to nourrish my skin during the flight. I don’t know if it’s just me but travelling does dry out my skin. I also collect small samples of perfumes or skincare products that I get with purchase or the ones I get in the mail to bring with me on my trip. This way I can try out a new scent or beauty treatment and don’t have to carry a full bottle of perfume or bottle of moisturizer with me. I do bring an all-over bodycream and mist with me but those ones are in my luggage. I try to mix in some essential make-up products, just in case my luggage gets lost. This way, I always have something on hand to create a look within minutes. MAC’s Velvet Teddy is a staple.  First up, serum. Chanel and Estée Lauder. Next, an eyeshadow quad by Glo Skin Beauty named Cityscape which contains a shadow that can be used as a highlighter and the other three complement eachother very well to create a bronzy eyelook. A sample-sized Lâncome mascara named Hypnose, Kiko’s highlighter in shade 02, Clinique’s repairwear foundation in shade Linen and Vichy’s Dermablend in shade 025. I also took a new item with me from Kiko’s limited edition collection Artic Holiday which is a eyeshadow marker that can be used a both a highlighter and on my eyes. Besides the essential lady-stuff, my bag also contains some cash, a portable charger and band aids, oh and something to cure a headache. When packing in general, I do prefer to put everything in seperate little bags, to prevent any leakage or spilling. Travelling efficiently takes prepatation but when you travel frequently, you definitely find out what your musthaves are, not to necesserily answer the ‘what do you pack when you strand on a deserted island and could only bring three items’ type of question. Jewelry and lingerie are also key to bring with you, again, if your luggage gets lost. This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


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