One of my favorite accessories to shop for is a seasonal bag. When fashion month rolls around every September and February, I always know what kind bags to expect from my favorite designers. Designer bags are always a splurge, there’s no question about that. Doing research on what kind of bag you want, which color-scheme and what style is essential. Do you want a limited edition one or do you want to stick to the more classic bags. Being able to tell if you want a bag with loud branding or like to play it lowkey and opt for subtle branding is also key. I would suggest deciding on what shape and model you like and then doing research on brands and designers. Try to look beyond the brand and really start off with functionality. What do you want your bag to hold? A lipstick, your phone, a wallet, or do you need more space? Evening bags of clutches are my personal favorite. I either go really small bags or larger ones. For instance, if I would want a rather unusual bag that can hold more than just a few items. I want to be able to carry the bag in multiple ways and my bag needs to match with my current aesthetic. The Louis Vuitton Epi Noe is a timeless piece that will never go out of style and was originally designed as an interpretation of the famous champagne bag, created in 1932.

The Noe is such a classic and chic addition to your collection. With its ultra-spacious interior and leather drawstring closure, this sophisticated and durable bag is perfect for everyday use. This bag isn’t available in-stores anymore and considered vintage so I would have to find a reseller in order to get this one. There are various websites that offer pre-owned bags in good conditions. When it comes to the actual purchase, when the bag you’ve opted for ticks all of your boxes, from shape to color to price point, and you’ve saved up enough money, don’t panic when you step into the store. If you don’t know what to expect from the buying process, here’s the inside scoop. Depending on if you go to an outlet store, a store like Saks, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom or a flag ship store, the experience is completely different. What I can tell you is that you get personal approach from greeting,to the champagne until you walk out of the store with your items in hand when shopping at a flagship store like Louis Vuitton in Paris, where prices are cheaper. I would highly recommend calling their  store to get stock and pricing information to help expedite your decision. A staff member will answer the phone right away, checked stock and happily give you a price within minutes. This way, you can estimate what your savings will be between for example the US website and the in-store pricing. Don’t forget to bring your passport to the store, otherwise, you will not be eligible for the VAT (value-added tax) refund.