La Source Essentielle & Botanea by L’Oréal Professionnel

L’Oréal Professionnel is revolutionizing the natural haircare branche with the launch of a 100% vegan hair dye product called Botanea in May 2018. I went the product launch at the L’Oréal Academy headquarters in Brussels. Here we got to learn more about their newest products and talk to hair experts on how this natural way of hair coloring is pioneering in its field, before launch. Most brands use the word green and natural as marketing terms, because it works. Even more companies want to be more ethical. The brand will launch Botanea, its first 100% vegetable hair coloring and Essential Source, a range of natural haircare care. Designed for salon use, that’s refillable in your salon to reduce packaging waste. The Botanéa range consists of three powders made from henna, indigo and cassia. The plants were harvested in India and have been mixed with 100% natural coconut oil. This makes the application and rinsing out after washing a lot easier. Plus, by adding hot water, between around 50 and 100 °C, depending on the mixtures, the sheet mills actually release the color precursors. Do you know the basic components in hair colorants? Color precursors are small-uncolored molecules that can penetrate into the hair in order to build big color molecules.

Stylists recommend to simply mix the powders in with water to create the dye, which can produce a range of warm and cool tones and can also be used for highlighting. The trio of powders can be mixed in various concentrations to create your prefered range of shades going from light blonde to dark brown. The powders can also be used to manipulate the dye.Botanéa truely meets the expectations of consumers wishing to switch to vegetable coloring since their is such a rapidly rising consumer demand for vegan products in general. Also part of their ecological approach, Botanéa is presented in transparent and refillable plastic pots which are refillable in your hair salon. This range, designed by L’Oréal Professionnel’s flagship chemists, responds to a real need: today’s consumers are looking for something natural. This craze, which has lasted for 10 years, also expresses a desire to return to nature, to the essential. Transparency on ingredients is essential: L’Oréal Professionnel wants everyone to know 100% what will be on their hair. To complete their color protocol, L’Oréal Professionnel also offers a brand new line Source essential care, composed of 80 to 100% of ingredients of natural origin. The perfect opportunity for L’Oréal to demonstrate that the natural dimension can also be associated with innovation by the presence of suspended flower inclusions in its formulas. The line includes four ranges of care for dry to normal, colored hair and those with more delicate scalps. Based on calendula flowers, lavender, jasmine, immortelle and acacia leaf, according to the needs of each formula, the composition has been enriched with Gellan gum to create an invisible structure to keep in petals in suspension.

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