Can you relate to that moment when you sit in the salon chair in your plastic cape after shampoo and conditioner & wonder if you’ve always been this ugly. Well, I’m getting the salon experience at home thanks to the Kérastase team who kindly send me their new their Kérastase Aura Botanica range. I was curious to try the Aura Botanice range because it contains a combination of oils in each product. My hair generally likes oils because they are nourishing and give your hair enough slip to prevent tugging and dryness, which leads to breakage. The range is also marketed as being silicone free and the ingredients are 96% naturally derived. Aura Botanica refines nature into a luxurious experience featuring handpicked Samoan Coconut and Moroccan Argan oils, with no silicones, no sulfates, and no parabens. and the bi-phase moisturizing oil-mist nourishes hair and controls frizz. The Aura Botanica collection fulfills a growing desire for responsible luxury. Offering truly effective care to enhance natural, lightly devitalized hair to leave it with a healthy glow. Elevating the sensorial, it introduces the sublime sensation of “nude” hair, uncoated and free of residues.

My experience is enhanced by a customized in-salon ritual and relived, as moments of pure wellbeing at home. Pleasure made even more beautiful with the exquisite quality of responsibly sourced coconut and argan oils. Utilising 96% natural origin ingredients, including responsibly sourced Samoan Coconut Oil, Moroccan Argan Oils and Sweet Orange Essential Oils. Unlike in most sulfate-free shampoos, sulfates have been replaced with natural origin sufactant agents creating it’s remarkable light, airy yet substantial lather and must always be used with Soin Fondamental. The Bain Micellaire shampoo has your typical shampoo like texture – a little gel like and perhaps a little more runny than regular shampoo. It’s my least favourite product of the range, only because the naturally derived cleansers left hair feeling a bit matte and dry. It’s just a feeling I don’t particularly like, even though I’ve experienced this kind of texture before when using other naturally-based shampoos. I thought this shampoo might not leave your hair feeling dry as it contains coconut and argan oil, as I always condition my hair after shampooing, so it’s not a that big of a deal. Now let’s talk about one of my favorite products that I received which is the Soin Fundamental conditioner. This 97% natural origin treatment’s creamy, indulgent texture coloured by natural caramel is richer than a conditioner, but feels lighter than a mask.

Thanks to the certified organic coconut and argan oils, it immediately melted into my hair, repaired with Bain Micellaire, to infuse 48 hours of deep, durable nutrition. It detangled and improved my hair quality immensly! My hair is visibily more nourished, stronger and shinier.  I have noticed that my hair does appear to be shinier after using the Aura Botanica Shampoo & Conditioner. The Kerarastase Aura Botanica Lait De Soie is a heat-protecting leave-in lotion that can be used for all hair types lacking shine and care. It gave my hair a long-lasting softness, a weightless silky feeling, and easier investigation and has an anti-frizz effect. Aura Botanica Lait De Soie is heat-resistant and protects your hair during drying with a hair dryer. The range has a rosemary slash herbal scent but smells fresh. I don’t like overly scented products, Using these products in the bathroom and shower gave me that pampering feeling. I really like how all of the ingredients are sustainably sourced – very often ‘all natural’ and ‘green beauty’ brands don’t discuss sustainability when it comes to plant based ingredients. most of the time, this is just a marketing term. This post was not sponsored. These products were sent to me as a PR package. All opinions are my own.





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