As a blogger slash entrepreneur, having Wi-Fi, a smartphone and laptop are my main tools for running my business. The app I use everyday is the one from my mobile provider. Talking on the phone 24/7 and using data on a daily basis requires a solid connection and a monthly plan that fits my needs. I love keeping this app on hand to check if my current plan still fits my needs. Another app I use both on my phone and my laptop is Pinterest as a visual moodboard. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I tend to scroll through the board I’ve made while I play music in the background. Another app is Dropbox, this one is extremely handy for sharing files with my team. It allows me to share photos, documents and videos with any laptop or mobile device through the free cloud-based file-storing service. Skype has sort of become a new office norm for instant communication. It allows entrepreneurs like myself to schedule and attend important business conference calls on-the-go. I use Evernote for scribbling down my thoughts while being on my way or waiting around in between work or at when I get an idea at any given point, at any given place and time. I’ve had brilliant ideas come to me whilst being in the bathroom or in bed. I used to carry around a notebook for these kind of occasions but the fear of losing that notebookg led me to Evernote. I can even take random photos and record voice reminders. Audible is the app I turn to when I need to whine down. I love playing an audiobook and take a relaxing, hot bath with candles and some wine. This is how I love taking care of my soul.

Another way of relaxing is Youtube, this is how I came across Lilia Kazakova. She’s a student, an entrepreneur, a feminist, lifestyle blogger and motivator better known as Lily Like on Youtube. When she couldn’t find any stationery line that really matched her style and personal needs during her time at university, she decided to create her own.  The Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery line contains two Desk Planners and two Spiral Notebooks available in Luxurious Marble & Luxurious Floral and a To Do List. I swear by her stationary line as my offline tool as a student and entrepreneur. All of her items have such a beautiful and reinforced cover, with a sort of soft velvet finish. On the front is the infamous marble / floral print with her line’s logo imprinted in rose gold. The planners and notebooks have a beautiful metallic finish which is super nice to showcase on your desk. Everyone always asks me where I got my planner. There’s room to write down personal goals, keep track of my grades and a weekly schedule for different purposes, work and personal life. There are also different sections for deadlines, random school stuff and planning your study time.  The quotes give such a personal touch and I just love how there’s room for me to grow along with her stationary line. I always look forward to write in my Supplied by Lily notebooks. Filling in my grades at the end of a semester is so satisfying. It’s like having a personal and motivational guide throughout being at university college. Fun fact: she now has two different lines. Perhaps a different one for each semester? You can purchase them here.  When she relocated from Groningen to Washington DC, I got even more inspired by her. She talks about career, happiness, entrepreneurship, feminism and lifestyle. She’s now studying Law (General LL.M.) at George Washington Law School (GWU). You can watch her DC Diaries here.

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