Born in Paris in the year 1974, Decleor became the first beauty company to combine the science and skill of plant oils in aromatherapy with products and treatments. Decleor still maintains their high standards by being cruelty-free and not using any unnecessary synthetics in their skin-friendly ranges. Decleor is also known to have the most ecologically range of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (plant-based) beauty products. With over 40 years innovating in the aromatherapy skincare sector, Decleor’s botanical approach to skincare is loved by many, including Meghan Markle! But we’ll get to that later… Their innovative beauty solutions combined with the relaxing power of massage therapymeans that there’s a Décleor solution out there for every skin type. And if you’re quite new to the brand, owned by the L’Oréal group, than here’s a proper introduction!

DECLÉOR manages the extreme precision of the composition of essential oils to give everyone’s skin type the necessary targeted treatment. Each treatment visibly improves the skin tone while giving a unique experience to the senses. And that’s why the best beauty experts have confidence in DECLÉOR. Their hands full of expertise awaken the senses and care for your skin according to the natural methods and exclusive actions of DECLÉOR. Decléor was created long before the essential oils craze started. Essential oils are the purest fraction of a plant, endowed with powerful abilities. “They are the volatile aromatic molecules made by the plant to self regenerate and heal.”, precises Solange Dessimoulie, a beautician and botanical expert. Therefore, for 40 years, they’ve been fine-tuning their expertise, to create essential oil-infused skincare products, for all skin types. To craft extra powerful and concentrated formulae, using the best natural active ingredients, to combat the damage of urban living on skin (yes, that effect of lack of sleep, pollution, stress, and unbalanced diet).

The first set set is made to reveal your skins true radiance with an opulent selection of treats to cleanse, nourish and hydrate both body and face. Suitable for all skin types, the set accommodates delicate, natural extracts to leave the complexion glowing with a healthy looking vitality. The Discovery Kit itself contains an Aroma Cleanse Hydra Radiance 3-In-1 Cleansing Mousse (50ml), an Aromessence Néroli Amara Hydrating Oil Serum (5ml), an Aurasolu Intense Glow Awakening Cream (15ml), an Aroma Cleanser 1000 Grains Body Scrub (50ml) And an Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Moisturising Body Lotion (50ml). Because the kit is presented in a reusable case, it makes an ideal gift.

The 3 in 1 Smoothing & Cleansing Mousse is a creamy and melting foam with essential neroli oil that turns into a soft cleansing foam with contact with water. The formula contains papaya extract that has a slight exfoliating action and is enriched with hyaluronic acid to prevent skin dehydration. My skin was freed from its dull glow and the skin structure is refined however I found this to only be temporarily. The Intense Glow awaking cream has an invigorating effect on the skin, for a good start of the day. This mst be my favorite out of the kit, my skin got a kickstart and my make-up applied beautifully afterwards! The active ingredients did moisturize my skin and gave my skin a boost of energy. After using this fort wo weeks my skin is stimulated and radiates throughout the day. The Aurabsolu line from Decleor is aimed at giving new energy to the pale and tired skin and to make it look radiant again. The Grain Body Exfoliator is a very effective scrub, suitable for all skin types. I enjoyed the scent and feel of the scrub. It has a double exfoliating effect, a scrub grain enhanced by a fruit acid peeling. This scrub is an ideal preparation for effective absorption of all active ingredients and optimizes the protective barrier function of the skin. The skin is palpable softer, visibly smoother and has an ultimate shine. xfoliation treatments can help with skin rejuvenation, elasticity and collagen and removes dead skin cells from the surface. It will help tired, scarred or old skin look fresh, soft and ready to take on whatever. The Moisturizing Body Milk is an airy, complete and liquid cream milk hydrates and softens your skin. The Aromessence Néroli – Essential Serum is a 100% pure, 100% natural concentrate that soothes the skin and helps it relax, brightens the complexion and acts as a real stimulant for your Hydra-Floral Anti-Pollution day cream.


The second kit, which is the Hydrating Starter Kit, was created to discover your personal and full aromatherapy face & body ritual to effectively moisturise your skin from tip to toe. I found this to be a brilliant and well thought out mini facial kit with lots of different products, great for travelling purposes when you are flying and don’t want really to check your baggage. The kit comes, again, with 5 mini’s: the Aroma Cleanse 3 in 1 Hydra-radiance cleansing mousse, a rich foam that cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, smoother and looking more radiant, the Aromessence Néroli Hydrating oil serum, a Hydra Floral 24hr* hydrating light cream which was a life-saver due to its moisturising effect for my dehydrated skin, a Gommage which is a grain body exfoliator that left my skin feeling soft and comfortable after showering and a Aroma Confort Système Corps Moisturising bodymilk. Did you know that in a recent interview Meghan Markle revealed her three beauty products she swears by and Décleor’s products are part of her daily beauty regimen. Her make-up artist revealed the product he loves using on her: “I prepped her face skin with a generous coat of the Decleor Aromessence Rose D’ Orient Soothing Oil Serum.” After reviewing their Hydra Floral line, it’s has become clear to me that the Hydrating Rich Cream is by far the winner from their range. Thanks to years of innovation, this product re-creates the amazing hydration found in plants, that helps with keeping your skin nourrished, soft and most importantly – protected for over 24 hours.


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