PiNNED by K originated from the passion of Kris and Vincent. As entrepreneurs, they combines their love for fashion and business. As a little girl, Kris dreamed of designing something personal and unique. She eventually graduated as Image & Fashion Stylist. Her partner Vincent is a business broker. Two people with a vision. When the young couple went to Paris for a weekend, they encountered a shoe with a small, sloppy finished accessory in a store window. When Kris bought a pair of sneakers that she found tot be quite boring, the accessory once again became a topic in their conversations. It became apparent to them that there was an open market for their idea. Vincent, being a supportive hubby, ordered a piece of leather and a few knives. When they eventually designed the perfect fringes, PiNNED by K was born on May 5, 2015.

Have you ever looked so good that you did not want to go home because not enough people had seen you? Well, that’s the kind of feeling that Kris and Vincent want to give you. PiNNED by K designs are made of high quality calf leather and textile. Kris and Vincent are both highly detailed. The designs are therefore handmade and finished as much as possible. This way, all their designs are made personal and unique and with lots of love! Customization at its finest. Now, the team of PiNNED by K consists of eight passionate entrepreneurs. Together they turned PiNNED by K’s collection from prototypes to a small range of fringes into a great collection of handbags, shoes and accessories for your shoes. And so much more is coming! Here’s a quick overview of the fringes I purchased, how I styled them and some more in-dept photos.


As most of you know, I’ve been a brand ambassador for Vanessa Wu for about a solid year and I felt like I wanted to give my favorite pairs a little boost. The shoes themselves stand out but when wearing them often, I wanted to switch things up. When I came across Pinned by K, it was a match made in heaven. I spotted this brand at a local boutique and immediately fell in love. I bought ten different fringes. Yes, 10. And these ones weren’t on sale. I layed all of them on my bed after my little shopping spree and was deciding which fringe I could pair with which pair of shoes. Their shoe accesoiries are made with such detail and precision, love and care. Easy to change designs, simplistic, sleek designs yet such a statement piece to have in your collection. And they don’t only look good in brogues but on sneakers, oh boy. The prices start at 14.99€ and go up to around 49.95€ depending on the used material, the craftmanship that went into making it and ofcourse the finish and details of the fringe.

Given the fact that they are made out of leather, this really makes your purchase an investment that’s worthwhile. And they don’t only sell fringes. Pinned by K expanded their brand by creating comfy-cute sneakers, leather handbags, trendy chokers, glittery socks, embroided and strass-stone collars that are dettachable to wear under a sweater for that polished look and clutches with an embossed design by Pinned by K! The fringes are so easy to apply. You take your favorite fringe and lace up the ensemble. You also easily switch on the go if you want to make your outfit a little more festive or if you are wearing a very lowkey outfit and still want to make a statement with your shoes. The possibilities are endless. “When in doubt, just make sure it’s Pinned.” After sharing a photo of my recent purchase on Instagram, announcing that I would be sharing more looks on my website wearing these shoe accesoiries by Pinned by K, both Vincent and Kris saw my Instagram post! I couldn’t be more excited! I am such a huge admirer of entrepreneurs. As a thank you they sent me this package filled with their new collection! I can’t wait to style these and showcase my outfits on Instagram! Today’s market hasn’t made starting a business any easier but their love for both design and fashion, striving for growth and innovation, believing that they had a story to tell through the shoes and the power that united these savvy business people is a unique combination which turned Pinned by K into such a succesfull brand in a span of only two to three years. If you make shoe intact before eyecontact like I do, then head on over to and discover their newest collection.

This post was created in collaboration with Pinned by K.

All opinions are my own.