I got send the new Babyliss Steam Pure 2 in 1 for reviewing purposes. Having sleek hair is easy but really styling my hair makes my look complete. Investing in a good haircare regime is essential to keep my hair healthy but most people damage their hair by using the wrong tools. The box came with all kinds of extra’s, even a black, pouch bag, ideal doe travelling. The ceramic coating on the plates have an ionic function. Because of the ions in this style bar, my hair is not static after straightening and stays lint-free. The large plates, larger than 30 cm so easy to work with in everyday use. The ions made by the stylus neutralize the static electricity that is sometimes caused by combing our hairs. The hairs are then anti-static, softer and even radiant. The ceramic plates are for even distribution of heat. These plates are better for my hair. The Micro Steam stylus has a steam function. The steam restores the moisture balance in the hair, leaving my hair in perfect condition so there’s no damage in my everyday usage of this tool. In addition to that, the steam also relaxes the capillaries and closes my hair scales, which results in a long, sleek and shiny hair suitable for every hairtype. Remember thin and curly hair deserves extra love. The BaByliss steam straightener has wide ceramic plates with removable combs on the sides which are perfect to position my hair beautifully in between these plates. With its 5 temperature settings, the stylus is versatile in use thanks to the chrome round exterior of the steam straightening rod. The styling rod is also warm on the outside and makes it easy to make curls in my hair. Talking about 2 in 1!



The professional style bars has wide plates, is easy to use and has long lasting results. Please note that everyone has a different hair type and needs its own temperature unit. It is so very important to select the right temperature. Here’s what BaByliss recommends on their website: if you have thin, blond, fragile or dry hair, use 150 ° C – 170 ° C-. If you have normal, thick, colored or wavy hair stay between 170 ° C and 210 ° C- and if you got thick or hard to handle hair use 210 ° C – 230 ° C. They also recommend me to slowly pull the stylus through my hair, starting at my hair roots and going over each hair lock only once, because my hair fibers can get damaged if you go over the same hair lock with a stylus multiple times. It is not recommended to use any straightener on wet hair which is a commonly made mistake. The Babyliss Steam Pure hair straightener doesn’t only save time but also saves space, because it is a 2-in-1. It takes a little practice to but the result is more than worth the trouble. It is perfectly suited for different types of hair and it has an easy removable water reservoir and is easy to fill . Thanks to the adjustable temperature, micro-steam and ceramic glasses, this device makes my hair happy.  I had a lot of fun trying out both fuctions of the Babyliss Steam Pure 2 in 1. Normally, my hair needed texturizing spray, more heat protection spray and some kind of oil to make it look less static after using my regular wand. I now have a new favorite tool to use in the morning, perfect for us busy ladies who don’t have a lot of time in the morning!

This post was made in collaboration with Babyliss. All opinions are my own.