Lately I’ve been so busy with different projects. Nearly graduating university college really made me think about my journey so far. Throughout my early twenties, I was on a a constant journey to find my inner self, both physically and mentally. I though it was good timing to introduce you guys to a new watch brand. I received a new watch from Violet Hamden. Violet Hamden exists for a conscious lifestyle. They also collaborated on a complete jewelry collection in which you can find several minimalistic bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These are perfect to combine with your watch and if you prefer some variety from time to time, these bracelets are interchangeable. Violet Hamden focuses mainly on high quality and of course elegance. Both their collections, Nowness and the Day to Night, match any look. A watch to forget the time and live the moment with the people you truely care about. Violet Hamden represents a lifestyle in which women are consciously alive. The older I get the more I seem to appreciate the beautiful things in life that are happening around me. From the people I’ve met, to the places I’ve been and enjoying the moment. Time is not catchable, but we can always remember a specific feeling or scent or memory. Thoughts and dreams, kept in a time capsule.  Violet Hamden definitely is a feel good brand. It’s about a lifestyle of living in the now, in a stylish way. The people who know me best, know that I’m into watches. I have around 8 watches. Statement pieces. A watch can uplift your outfit.




Violet Hamden currently has 2 different collections: The Nowness-watches have a mesh strap and the Day & Night-watches have a high-quality leather strap. As mentioned before, all of their watches are handmade and they come with a Moon & Stones-bracelet. As a thank you tot heir customers, an extra loveletter to carry with you. The silver watch is part of the Nowness collection, named Silver Moonlight which you can shop here. Talking about armcandy! We have to follow our heart at specific times in our lives, dare to take chances and be curious about what’s to come. And that’s something I can only agree with. I often find myself overthinking and worrying too much about what might happen, while I should actually enjoy the moment. To make sure we cherish our memories, all Violet Hamden watches does come in a ‘time capsule’, a little velvet-feeling blue box in which you can keep jewelry, holiday souvenirs,  your favorite pictures or other things that are important to you. There’s also a little journal in which you can write down your thoughts. Where to find this gem you may ask? You can shop them exclusively online at Brandfield or at the official Violet Hamden website.

 This post was made in partnership with Violet Hamden. All opinions are my own.