Going back to college in the fall, after summer break, also means switching up my room, desk and overall workspace. These new surroundings not only give me positive vibes, new ideas, more energy but also a better work ethic.  Who doesn’t love to revamp their room, office or dorm? Try switching up soms elements and you’ll notice how much more pleasant, relaxed and at ease you’ll feel. Especially after doing so much shopping during summer, I’m cheating on fashion with furniture from now on. The marble slabs are actually cutting boards, used for cooking but I prefer to integrate them into my room decor and displays perfumes on here or my current favorite make-up products, so that they’re within my reach when I need to leave quickly and I also just have them there for aesthetically pleasing purposes. The golden glass containers look vintage but I bought also bought them from Flying Tiger, a Danish…. Sort like items can be found at Antropologie (UK), Xenos (NL), Z Gallery (USA), HEMA (BE/NL), H&M Home or at your local homeware store. The skull is from Clinic, Hasselt. This is a fashion store that houses brand such as Adidas, Filippa K and G-Star; resembling to Men At Work but they also sell unique gifts and other interior-related pieces here. Almost every single piece of furniture in my room comes from IKEA; from the famous Alex drawers you see on Pinterest to store make-up in to the MALM 6 drawer dresser and glass top surface to my nightstands to the ways I organize. Even my bedding, lightbulbs, clothing rack and bed are all from IKEA.