Kiko is a brand that I didn’t really hear about, until a few months ago when a flagship store opened in my hometown and I was thoroughly impressed by their quality and their affordable prices. “KIKO MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by Percassi. KIKO is an Italian professional cosmetics brand with over 1.200 professional makeup and skincare products and advanced accessories. Kiko features a large range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age.” To me stepping into this store for the first time was the ultimate shopping experience as sales were still going on, so I grabbed a basket and filled it with lots of items to try out.


The concealer comes with a small doe-foot applicator and has the perfect size for dabbing onto your spots or under your eyes. Kiko’s website states that it’s a liquid concealer, natural, light and smoothing, easy to apply which boasts an effective coverage of dark circles and blemishes, smoothes fine lines while carrying out a purifying action. And that the formula is enriched with Vitamin E. The concealer is easy to apply and goes onto the face smoothly and it’s super easy to blend too! I’ve found that it does last on the face a good couple of hours, however on my skin, it does tend to oxidise especially since I’ve got oily skin. I think this does last a few hours on my face without having to touch up, but not the whole day. I bought the shade Natural which ended up being too dark for me so I don’t know if the concealer would act great as a colour corrector or to highlight certain areas of my face. As for the smell, it has got quite a sweet smell, which isn’t strong and overpowering.

However I do love the packaging that this concealer comes in. Reminds me of NARS or Maybelline Fit Me packaging. It is pretty small so it is perfect for travelling, as it doesn’t take up much space at all. A possible downside is that there isn’t much product in this tube compared to other full-sized concealers on the market. It does depend on how much concealer you use on a daily basis and how often you use it, so you may find that it runs out quicker for you than it did for me. This isn’t a formula I personally like as it is a bit too dry for my liking. But most important of all would be the coverage which is truly not a “very high coverage” but more of a sheer to almost but not quite medium matte finish. It does have some brightening abilities and it perks up my tired eyes but on days when I’m running on four hours of sleep, I need a lot more pigment than this. However, this would be a great concealer for those of you who prefer a more natural look meaning those of you who don’t like wearing a full face of make-up and prefer to spot-conceal certain areas. I also picked up several KIKO nailpolishes which are very inexpensive, their Hydra lipgloss and mascara.

This waterproof mascara has a very innovative triangle shape and the smaller bristles help me to reach each single eyelash fiber. It is a very black but beautiful formula that doesn’t dry quickly so I can comfortably apply a second layer later on. Unfortunatelty, I still haven’t tried out the nailpolishes. I’ve included some swatches of several lipglosses in comparison to Kiko’s 3D Hydra Gloss. Kiko’s version and the one by Nyx are my favorite ones. The 3D Hydra Gloss in shade 04 plumbs the lips beautifully and has such a pretty pinkish, silver reflects in its formula. Shade 18 is my current favoriete, especially in combination with a sleek ponytail, bronzy skin and a sultry, golden eye look. I enjoyed wearing this one alot this summer and I’m considering getting a few more shades soon.



The highlighter has a buildable effect as it is a powder highlighter with a creamy and blendable texture. The shade range is rather limited as there was only a gold reflect option for paler skintypes and two other shades to choose from. I usually gravitate towards the more pinky-peachy tones but trying out this specific one really made me consider using more gold-toned highlighters in the future. The sensory texture of this highlighter is based on an oil,  which makers it easy to blend. Because of the innovative formula, my face had that velvety touch. My skin also looks blurred out and the highlighter doesn’t amplify any dry patches or textures which is suprising to me. The soft-focus gives you that flawless finish for sure, due to the high concentration of pearls which helps to create points of light you get that subtle glow. Kiko also has a wide range of eyeshadows. I picked up an empty palette named Shade Selection 03 that can store a total of 3 shadows which now contains 2 High Pigment shadows. The single Smart eyeshadow doesn’t fit but I depotted this one and put it together with my other single shadows in my travel palette. All of the shadows are extremely pigmented and have a buttery, soft feel. I loved how these shadows performed on their own, without using any setting spray to amplify pigment. Glitter tends to draw the attention away from the rest of your face. That’s why I, personally, prefer the subtle hint of glitter of these shadows When creating soft-glam looks, I apply a pop of sparkle using Kiko Milano’s shadows in my inner corners and on top of my eyelids.

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  1. Alexandra V. says:

    Wauw, wat een leuke foto’s! Ik zocht al een tijdje naar zo’n compact eyeshadow-palletje voor op reis of om gewoonweg mee te kunnen nemen in m’n make-uptasje! Bedankt voor de tip!

  2. Soetkin Derycke says:

    KIKO MILANO IS MY FAVORITE BRAND! Je maakt altijd zulke mooie foto’s en brengt ons een uitgebreid verslagje! Kijk uit naar de volgende artikels!

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