Jeffree Star is a phenomenon and his take on e-commerce is absolutely genius. He’s also very outspoken and I love him for that. His products are designed for anyone that is fearless enough to be their own unique person. He’s been a make-up obsessive since the age of 13 and is known for his bold make-up looks. His products are loved by make-up artists and professionals worldwide for their long-lasting performance and quality. Almost all of his products are vegan and cruelty-free, some items are even edible too (lipscrubs)! The shade range is huge: from nudes to bright red and even black and white which can be used as lip art and can be mixed & matched to create ombre lips or used for editorial purposes solely. I’m going to review the shades “Mannequin”, “Celebrity Skin”, “Doll Parts” and “Saggitarius”. I ordered my ever first lipstick Velour Liquid lipstick in shade Mannequin from the official website when it launched and the second one, the Lip Ammunition in shade Celebrity Skin from one of JSC’s official retailers,

Make Up Spot NL. Jeffree Star describes this as soft brown nude with a peachy undertone. Amongst the nude lipsticks that I have, this is my top favourite. These lipsticks certainly do stand out on my vanity. First of all, I love the fact that you can see exactly which shade the lipstick is just by looking at the packaging. The liquid lipstick comes in a transparent and high-end looking plastic tube with a pink cap and rose gold stars printed on it. The brand name is printed in rose gold foil fonts on the front side of the tube. The container itself has a clear wand and there’s a clicking sound when you close the cap of the lipstick. Satisfying, isn’t it? This gives you a sense of security when carrying it in your purse. The name of the shade is printed on a pink sticker and pasted on the bottom of each tube. I love these kind of details. I compared Jeffree’s lipstick boxes to the ones by Kiko and his ones are a bit bigger but slimmer.  The liquid lipstick has a sweet, fruity scent. You can tell a lot of work has gone into designing the artwork of his entire line. Jeffree has a clear vision when it comes to make-up. A true entrepreneur at heart. Let’s face it, as the company’s owner lives in Calabasas. The shade names reminded me of the old Hollywood glamour days yet bring so much current sass along.


Celebrity Skin is Mannequin’s is darker sister. She’s cool toned, feels lightweight and is long lasting. The Velour liquid lipsticks are made in such an innovate formula that offers a stay all-day, opaque colour. Doll Parts, a vibrant yet still a very wearable pink, has been a brand staple for as long as the brand exists. The Velour Liquid Lipstick really is the perfect way to create a flawless pout in just a few minutes. And the quick dry finish offers everything you want from a liquid lipstick and more, meaning you never have to settle for anything less than the best. Only eating oily food can wear down this formula. Each Velour Liquid Lipstick is costs 18 USD and there is a limit of 2 lipsticks per shade per each customer. I think that this is quite a reasonable policy for everyone to be able to get the shades they want before they’re sold out. The formula itself is rather liquid-y, so you need to have a steady hand while applying. However this lipstick doesn’t feather or bleed at all on me. The wand has a slight bend to it which makes it able for you to hold a sufficient amount of product, just enough to cover your entire lip in a single swipe.

The applicator is shaped to fit your lips which makes the liquid so easy to apply. This formula does dries down completely matte and does not settle into the fine lines of my lips. But since it’s a matte liquid lipstick, it will accentuate any dry patches, so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your lips before applying. Within the JSC line, there are various lipscrubs available which help you exfoliate your lips. I have yet to try them out. Since the shade Celebrity Skin was so popular in the liquid formula, Jeffree created the stick formula of this color which was a smart move. The Lip Ammunition is my favorite formula to be honest. I’ve never worn a lipstick that was so rich in pigment. There’s a little gritty sand texture noticable with the eye but I didn’t experience this when applying the lipstick onto my lips. What do you think of these shades and have you tried any products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics before? Which shade is your favorite? Photo credit Jeffree: Tarina Doolittle