In this article, I’m going to discuss my latest three orders on Boozyshop, a Dutch e-shop that sells make-up and tools from brands such as Beauty Blender, Beauty Bakerie, BH Cosmetics, Crown Brushes, Ecotools, LA Girl, Loving Tan, Milani, Ofra, Sigma, Sleek, Sugarpill, Physicians Formula, Viseart,… – the list continues to grow each month. My first ever order contained 6 Freedom Pro Artist HD Magnetic Empty Palettes – so I can finally depot all of my single eyeshadows and transfer them onto these empty palettes. The only thing possible downside is that the palette isn’t magnetic so you have to buy stickers in order for your pans to remain safe and secure and that it didn’t came with a mirror. Boozyshop does have a wide range of empty palettes such as the ones by Z-Palette or Boozyshop’s own brand. Since I only use these ones as storage, this wasn’t a huge issue. I also ordered a spatula to take the items out of their containers. For my second order, I bought 3 palettes by I Heart Make Up, a sister Make Up Revolution. I saw these ones on Instagram at first, allegialedly being dupes of the Too Faced ones. I do not own any of them so I can’t compare them but as far as I’ve smelled, these do have a subtle scent of chocolate/vanilla/candy. Pigment-wise, I couldn’t believe how soft and rich these colors are. And this for such an affordable price point. I’ve included swatches of the I Heart Make Up Naked Chocolate palette, my favorite one. The warm-toned shadows and versitily between matte and foiled shadows makes this a great everyday, go-to palette. I got gifted the Chocolate Vice palette for my birthday. My second order came with a mystery bag with a value of + €35. Boozyshop had a special, limited offer on their website and announced their infamous mystery bag stunt on their social media platforms. The mystery bag came alongside with my order. The other pal I ordered is a powder contour palette by Make Up Revolution, a Vivid Baked highlighter by Make Up Revolution and a bottle of fixing spray by Freedom Make Up London. The mystery bag contained 2 lipsticks by Make Up Revolution, a lip lacquer by Make Up Revolution, 3 nailpolishes by Nail Geek, a Freedom Pro brightening powder and both a contour and highlight stick by again, Make Up Revolution. Check out my review on Make-Up Academy for comparison swatches between the MUA Luxe highlight and contour stick and the ones by Make-Up Revolution. And for swatches of the lipsticks by Make Up Revolution, go to my NYX review.


Another great thing about Boozyshop is that they send out an email after you’ve received your order, to ask if you liked the items you received. If you share your opinion and review on their website, you get either a 5% or 7% discount on your next order, depending if you shared and reviewed your recent order. Also, their customer service is great. There’s always someone online either on the site or on Facebook to answer all of your questions. The tracking is also very quick. If you order before 8pm, your order Gers delivered the next day! The package itself in the cardboard box, in the first place, is wrapped up sturdy in bubblewrap and a pink bag – well packaged but also very pretty. It even comes with a personalized, handwritten greeting card! My third order contained a free product; pink blotting sponges by Boozyshop, because I placed an order for over 40€: a brush set by BH Cosmetics, two lipsticks by Make Up Revolution and another fixing spray by the same brand. I wasn’t happy with two specific brushes by BH Cosmetics as I found that these ones didn’t perform the way I wanted them too. The big fluffy powder brush made applying bronzer or blush difficult, meaning the product was being distribued inconsistently and made it look very blotchy on my skin. The bristles did feel very soft. Same goes for the highlighter brush, I do wish that there were more bristles – more layers packed togheter – on this brush to really be able to concentrate the product on my cheeckbones, temples, nose and the upper lip area. It does pick up a good amount of product and doesn’t absorb the product, it’s just very thin compared to other fan brushes I own. The other brushes from the BH Cosmetics set performed great, especially the eyebrushes. The set basically has everything anyone might need to start out, as a beginner, in make-up. The set does come in a beautiful, travel case that you can divide into two seperate parts and use as a brush holder while travelling or as decoration, as a statement piece on your vanity. The highlighter showcased is the beautiful Vivid Baked Highlighter in Pink Lights. For comparison swatches, check out my review on Kiko Milano. The lipsticks reminded me of Charlotte Tilbury and Estee Lauder packaging. I swatched them in comparison to some of my other lipsticks in my review on NYX Cosmetics. The formula is sheer but has enough pigment and the overall longevity of the lipstick took me by suprise. I did need to reapply throughout the day but my lips felt hydrated and it didn’t felt like I was layering product on top of product, just giving my lips a little boost – all thanks to Boozyshop for making these amazing brands available for us, customers who admire the make-up brands that are being mentioned by beauty guru’s but are out of our reach most off the time due to high shipping costs and taxes/fees and waiting +10-20 business days for an order to arrive.

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