“Makeup Academy was developed by makeup professionals and beauty experts to bring premium quality cosmetics and beauty accessories to makeup lovers everywhere.  MUA brings fashion forward colors, luxurious textures and pro-performance implements for those runway-ready makeup looks to the everyday beauty lover. From basic beauty essentials to expertly crafted brushes and tools.” Highlighting is all about bringing certain areas of your face forward and giving your skin a healthy, youthful glow. This way it gives the impression of the sun touching areas where your face would naturally catch sunlight. Bronzing or contouring gives the optical illusion of depth to the face. Using highlighting and contour/bronzer in combination helps give the face more definition and gives you that sculpted, more refined look. I am someone who can’t go a day without wearing highlighter – wheter it be a powder, cream or liquid formula. I need that glow all year round. When MUA first launched in Europe and after swatching several items at the drugstore, I knew this was something really special. MUA’s Undress Your Skin Pink Shimmer Highlighter has a pearly champagne pink shade that looks slightly metallic and complements my cool, pale complexion beautifully. The Iridescent Gold highlighter has the same formula and texture but with a cool-toned silvery gold finish and reflect to it. It’s such a beautiful, finely milled, golden highlight. It’s also very pigmented. I noticed it’s a dupe of the Nars Albatros highlighter. Both highlighters have an embossed design imprinted in the pan, which gives the product a more luxurious look and feel. Being very affordable, the packaging is sleek, simple and keeps the product safe & secure. My skin has a lovely glow and is both very blendable and buildable. You can also use them as an eyeshadow to create that halo-eye effect.

The highlighters aren’t as finely-milled, soft and silky as some of my other ones but they are available at a mere fraction of the price. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the stick products. Is it because I hardly ever gravitate towards cream-based products nowadays? I took these ones to the test without (trying) to have a preconceived idea or think about previous experiences. I really wanted this to work out. The highlighter and bronzer have a creamy formula. You can apply it directly from the stick onto the skin, but you can also use your finger or a dense brush. I like to applying this to my collarbones and blur it with a beauty blender or a brush for that overall, glowy look. If you want extra glow, you can top the creamy highlighter with a powder highlighter to set the product in place. The MUA LUXE Highlight Shimmer stick according to the Make Up Revolution’s version has a more neutral undertone. The highlighter also gives a lot of shine – no glitter, but a real glow. The contourstick by Make Up Revolution is a true contour stick while the one by MUA is more a shimmery bronzer stick. Both have an orangy, warm undertone and aren’t cool-toned at all. Both of them didn’t match my paler skintone and looked a little blotchy and streaky. The product also tends to dry patches and isn’t very buildable in my opinion. The packaging on both brands is rather simple and has a sleek yet classy design. The rotation system works easy to apply and distribute the product wherever you want. I found there’s quite alot of product in both tubes and this at drugstore pricing! The MUA Luxe Highlight Shimmer stick costs around € 5.99, same goes for the bronze stick. There also a blush stick available by MUA with the same kind of formula, which I have yet to try out. The setting sprays on the other hand, performed great. I compared them next to my other drugstore fixing sprays and I have to say: they all perform differently yet great. It left my skin more refreshed and not looking overly powdery.

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