What we do daily has a profound effect on our lives. A good daily ritual can keep you in balance. During the year, I’ve noticed that I don’t take enough time for myself. Not because I don’t want to, but while juggling my attention between my studies, my job, friends and family, I don’t have a lot of time on my own to relax. On the occassions when I do have some me-time, I always make sure that they are perfect. Before I started blogging I always reached for my phone. This used to relax me. Ever since social media became a part of my job, this isn’t relaxing at all. So I like to go to my bathroom and put on very calming music. The next step is to take care of myself while enjoying a long, hot bath with some of these new products. One of my recent purchases: the RITUALS of Hamman set was inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world, carefully designed to meet the needs of our modern times. The Hammam Collection is based on a purifying ceremony from the East that purifies both body and soul. There are 8 products in the new Rituals Hammam line: Hot Scrub, Body Mud, Foaming Shower Gel, Black Soap, Body Cream and a Scented Candle.


The shower gel has an evolving texture and turns from a liquidy formula to a foam. Previously this product was called the Hamman Delight. I like the shower gels by Rituals but they do tend to run out quickly; the bottle is empty after only a few uses or the product doesn’t come out anymore due to the spray-like cap in my opinion. The volume and gloss shampoo is based on organic argan oil and refreshing eucalyptus. This innovative formulation opens and fills your hair follicles which makes your hair visibly increase in volume and thickness from root to ends. The argan oil gives the hair its rich gloss, while the eucalyptus ensures a sensational fragrance experience with a light cooling effect on scalp. This shampoo protects the colour of your hair and is suitable for daily use. It didn’t give me the volume and proper treatment I need for my hair in particulair but it did give me that clean feeling. Hair is something delicate. I do combine and switch between shampoos on a weekly basis. So far I haven’t found my holy grail just yet. (250ml). The black massage soap has a more paste like structure and was created to purify and cleanse your body by removing old skin cells leaving the skin feeling silky soft, prepared for exfoliation and fake tan. Eucalyptus has healing properties and a stimulating effect on mind, body and soul. It is being used in Arab and Turkish baths (hammams) for years and soothes respiratory problems through inhalation. Rosemary oil soothes and supports the ability of the skin to repair itself. (150 ml). The body cream soaks into the skin quickly and doesn’t make you feel sticky which most body creams tend to do. The packaging is designed for refill purposes and has an eco-chic system. I find products by RITUALS to be very therapeutic. Not only because of their rich-scented items but the fact that they have sets like these to treat your body to the fullest. RITUALS is very inexpensive and it’s all about pampering yourself which I love. The scent not only clears the respiratory airways but it also clears the mind, I feel. I find this “daily ritual” quite an indulgence; something that I’m not accustomed to. Before discovering the Hammam ritual, showering was just showering. That is essentially the philosophy of Rituals: making time for yourself. I highly recommend that you do try to do this more often.

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