I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a nylon tote. But trip after trip, I’m always bringing this trusty bag with me. Probably because it has Mary Poppins-like qualities and holds pretty much everything I could ever want to take with me. It’s practical, durable, and is seemingly timeless as it remains in style year after year. The Longchamp Le Pliage bags have been quite popular for as long as I can remember. It seemed as if almost every other woman I knew owned one — which was the exact reason why I resisted buying one for years. However, after doing much research and searching endlessly for a versatile yet practical everyday bag… all arrows pointed to the Le Pliage shoulder tote. Some of the positive aspects are that the bag is light-weight and water-resistant (I love that it keeps all bag contents dry!). The bag can hold so much even the smallest one! The largest one is perfect for travel and the medium is great for everyday use although the S is my personal favorite. All bags effortlessly fold up into a flat, compact size and fits in your suitcase for an extra purse to choose from when travelling. Longchamp bags are low-maintenence which means they are easy to clean. They’re simple, clean and have a logo-less design yet contains high-quality leather straps/embossed detailing add sophistication to an otherwise plain tote. The bag is versatile and  looks great with a casual outfit, yet still appropriate for a more polished look. Le Pliage is available in many different styles/sizes/strap lengths and you can even customize your own bag on the Longchamp site! I do have to state some minor details like there’s only one large compartment and a small (virtually useless) compartment and these bags are very popular bag, so expect to see someone else with the same kind of bag as you around.


2 years later I am still using my Longchamp Le Pliage totes quite frequently. I use my smaller Le Pliages’ on the daily. All of my Le Pliage totes have held up extremely well. The corners of my orange Le Pliage medium are a little worn, but not frayed and there are no holes. I’m pleasantly surprised of how well both totes have held up. I do also want to address the fact that Longchamp now started calling their once medium Le Pliage as the small Le Pliage. From the time I initially posted this blog post until now, Longchamp did get rid of calling any of their Le Pliage shoulder totes in medium size as there is now only the small Le Pliage and the large Le Pliage shoulder tote now.   I’m glad they got rid of that super small size, but now it’s super confusing that the current “small Le Pliage shoulder tote” is the same dimension as what was once called the “medium”.  Always make sure to check before purchase on which size your getting. As far as the color scheme goes, Longhchamp brings out variations for colors within every collection each season. There might be a pinkish bag in the summer collection but rarely does the same kind of pink show up again. I once wanted a khaki colored bag but by the time I was sure of my choice, they were sold out. The current model I own leans more towards green than brown. My mom on the other hand has a khaki-colored bag but this one leans more towards the brown side. So when in doubt, life’s too short, just buy the bag. Update: have you seen my latest addition to my Longchamp collection? I’m obsessed with this Le Pliage in baby blue. And afternoon coffee. What else?

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