The Body Shop has sent me this amazing PR package containing their Elixirs of Nature collection, with five new fragrances (Nigritella, Kahaia, Swietenia, Bowhanti and Widdringtonia) capturing exotic botanicals with headspace technology. The Body Shop one of the most ethical beauty brands in the world, has launched its new perfume range “Elixirs of Nature” with Pakistan’s first official brand activist, Maya Ali. Inspired by the world as a source of beauty, The Body Shop has an iconic legacy of pioneering captivating cruelty-free fragrances. In the next chapter in its olfactive story, The Body Shop blazes a new trail with its Elixirs of Nature range. Truly out of this world, these four immersive new eau de perfumes are authentic interpretations of some of the planet’s most precious natural scents. Aromas that without protection, might disappear from the world altogether. Using non-destructive technology, the essence of each illusive botanical is extracted without harm, allowing them live on, just as wild as nature intended them to be. All fragrances are created using non-destructive “Headspace technology”. With mysterious names like WiddringtoniaSwietenia, Bowhanti, Nigritella, and Kahaia, these unique eau de parfums are like a youthquake in a bottle. Each one a truly indie-vidual fragrance that will set you apart from everyone else on the planet. You’re one spritz away from being transported to some of the most breathtaking scentscapes on Earth. “I am so excited to be the brand activist of “Elixir of Nature” specially after getting to know about head space technology which is being used to extract natural fragrance out of some of the rarest flowers on the planet without damaging them and in all honesty I fell in love with all of them after trying them” –Maya Ali

I’ve read that it took three years for the former pharmacist to design a collection of five perfumes inspired from rare plants of Switzerland, Bora Bora, India, French Guiana and South Africa. The five perfumes were named after the wild they were extracted from. The scents I got sent were Nigritella and Widdringtonia. The first one is Nigritella; This oriental vanilla fragrance is from The Alps, Switzerland. The fragrance is extracted from mysterious, sophisticated vanilla notes. It has a sweet feminine scent to it. The profusion of hot floral exhalations, nectar and pollen makes this perfume an opulent oriental fragrance that seduces with every breath. The second one was Widdringtonia with an aromatic cedar from South Africa. The fragrance features exotic woody notes of Clanwilliam cedarwood. It has classy YET masculine scent that mesmerized me, it leaves a warm trail of sage and vetiver for an even more earthy sophistication. Widdringtonia is unique and definitively edgy on a daring woman. Both fragrances are available as a 50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ)  Eau de Parfum. The Body Shop Elixirs of Nature Nigritella, Kahaia, Swietenia, Bowhanti and Widdringtonia are available in Eau de Parfum. I will update with sizes and more distribution information when I can. Both of these scents were amazing, but Nigritella was definitely my favorite out of both of them mainly because I personally prefer a more richer smell on me. And that’s also how perfumes work. Certain scents just don’t mash well with certain people. Some people don’t like fruity or rosy scents and others just can’t stand the more daring ones. This one reminded me of a perfume named ‘Pour Femme’ that I use to own by Dolce & Gabanna but this one’s more soft and subtle.Did you know that the word perfume comes from the Latin words ‘per fume’ which means ‘through smoke’, which makes a lot of sense seeing as the earliest ones were primarily crafted from spices and herbs? Also, the formula of perfume hasn’t changed in centuries. Women also have a stronger sense of smell than men – thanks to the female brain having up to 50% more olfactory sensors. So the next time your man sniffs your new perfume and says he can’t smell anything, don’t blame him. And you actually smell with your brain, not your nose. I’m sure almost everyone connects a certain scent to a certain memory. However, unlike memories created by your other senses, a study conducted by New York Academy of Sciences discovered that all your scent memories are formed within the first ten years of your life. And the same perfume can smell differently on all sorts of people. Perfumers say that your body chemistry ‘pushes’ certain notes in the fragrance more strongly, thanks to genetics or your diet.

This post was not sponsored. These items were sent to me as a PR package. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Annabel says:

    Ben erg benieuwd naar beide geuren! Ga morgen shoppen dus ga zeker uitkijken om deze eens te ruiken! Vooral benieuwd naar de groene! Zoals altijd ook erg leuke foto’s weer! The Body Shop biedt zoveel leuks!

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