As the title might suggest; yes (!) Orange Is The New Black just premiered on Netflix and no, I haven’t been able to binge-watch the new episodes yet. The title refers to Shop Noir, a  fashionstore for ladies in the heart of Maastricht and offers an affordable mix of French, Dutch and Scandinavian brands. For an even bigger selection of statement bags and jewelry there’s another gem right across the street, Noir Shoes & Bags – with its a vintage gymnasial floor, decorated with rings, a turntable and wooden details. Here you can find a broad and curated collection of beautiful backpacks, handbags and shoes from their slightly alternative collection. Noir, that already has two business in Wyck, now gets a third location in the center of Maastricht (The Netherlands). Three and a half years ago, the Noir imperium was founded by Renée Reinders, an entrepreneur and savvy businesswoman. She runs her business with her partner in crime, Liesbeth Bertens. Renée started Noir as an intimate boutique in Wyck with a webshop. Then Noir Shoes & Bags was added tot the Noir family. Quickly after, there was Soldes Boutique , the outlet-version of Noir. The brands you can find at Noir are Vanessa Wu, Dr. Denim, MbyM, Just Female, Selected Femme, Pop Cph, O My Bag, Cowboysbag, Herschel, Another Project, Clarck, Royal Republiq, Maison Shoeshibar, Nike, Shoe to Bear, Vagabond & Bronx. And almost every item that is sold in stores is available online. The NOIR-team always makes sure that your items arrive safely and secure via your local postcarrier/mail. In my case, it’s always Post NL. The items are being delivered in their trademark black packaging and wrapping paper and with a cool gadget (tote bag) that says ‘Noir is the new black’. My first ever pair that I bought were these black two-toned brogues with pink toe detailling on the front by Vanessa Wu.

After buying so many Vanessa Wu shoes and spamming my Instagram with pictures of my #ootd, I got asked to be a brand ambassador for a year! This was back in 2016. Still to this day, I am grateful for being given this opportunity. I dedicated an entire blogpost about Vanessa Wu, you can read it here! I went a little bit Gatsby on my second purchase and immediately bought two pairs of Bronx’ brogues and a pair of derbies by Another Project, a Danish based shoe fashion brand with an slightly edgy, twisted approach that I discovered through buying from Noir’s webshop. These ones were on sale and I immediately fell in love with them! Based not only on their appearance but on their fit! I’ve always loved this English boarding school kinda preppy style of shoe and I’ve noticed most shoes tend to hurt your feet or cause blisters, even after long-wear. Up until this very day, I haven’t gotten any issues with these ones. Brogues, in general, are so versitile, you can wear them with almost every outfit, from casual to “caviar and champagne, please”. I highly recommend visiting their webshop and going to the Noir stores in Maastricht not only for personal advice or an update on the latest trends but for an overall experience. If you ‘re still on the hunt for unique shoes or jewelry, a killer dress for an upcoming wedding party or any other formal event – if you are in need of a head-to-toe last-minute outfit or just a single statement piece, Noir is the place to be.

This post was made in collaboration with Noir Maastricht.
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