When I was writing this, the words ‘next stop Euston Station’ echoed throughout the carriage. It’s 8:40AM already and I have a meeting at Euston Tower at 9. We’ve only just arrived last night. I walk as quickly as I can along the platform and pay no attention to my surroundings apart from that one guy who’s busking and singing with particulary high standard vocals while quickly checking my notebook to see which floor I’m suppossed to be on, as Euston Tower is a 34-storey office building designed by Sidney Kay and was originally planned as one of three identical buildings. After my meeting at Euston, I headed over to Defected Records to talk about the fascinating world of A&R. We also discussed trends and how the industry is evolving. After some sight-seeing, me and a couple of friends headed out for dinner and drinks at Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant that serves fresh pasta, crispy hand-stretched pizzas, Italian grills and classics yet tempting desserts. After too many wines and with our busy schedules in mind, we decided to call it a night around 12.


IMG_20160518_133937The next day we sat down for homemade pasta and tea with Chris Fowler who’s a PR specialist and founder of Mint PR, a small agency based in London founded in 2003. He’s clearly a storyteller and I’m very intrigued on his take in the wonderful world of communications. He delivers savvy media campaigns and embraces both new and traditional media. He definitely excels at working across all media platforms as he discusses his latest campaign. After our afternoon tea, we took a taxi back to Picadilly Circus. We explored the city of London by foot. We went to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and took way too many selfies on the Tower bridge. We did some serious shopping damage over at Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, Boots and ZARA. The next day we slept in and headed over to Portobello Road Market, Shoreditch Market and Camden Town in the afternoon. After dinner, we went out and explored nightlife in the Soho area. I really wanted to see what the LGBTQ community was like here. To be honest, I don’t remember the names of the places we went to for drinks but I do remember a conversation with a dapper, short-haired brunette and a glass of whiskey. On day four, we headed over to the PRCA headquarters around 10am and had an early lunch before
heading to Buckingham Palace to see the change of guards.




IMG_20160518_133604We spend our last hours in Londen around the Covent Garden area and Regent Street. We saw several street theater performances and overheared some amazing buskers play the most insane medleys while roaming the streets. We showed them some love by handing out pocket change. We actually ended up talking to a young man on the tube who spends his time busking after school.We headed back to our hotel and did some shopping at Boots which was near Russel Sq Station where we’d been staying for the past few days. With that being said, our business trip slowly came to an end. After what seemed to be an impossible scenario (making sure that we could fit all of our stuff back into our suitcases since we basically cleaned out the entire ZARA store and then some), we took a taxi back to St Pancras Station. We felt so bougie and ‘jetlagged’ with our suitcased piled up in the isle on the Thalys in our ‘clochard de luxe’ outfits meaning we looked like the cast from Sex And The City after Big left Carrie at the alter and they had a small sit-in at Charlotte’s . Epic trip.