THE WOMAN BEHIND HAUS OF SXYZ – Sophie F. Forner is a 26 year old college student slash lifestyle blogger turned entrepreneur and author, sharing her beauty tips, personal style and travel adventures online. “I’ve always enjoyed writing. My passion for content started growing at a very young age. I wrote compulsively all throughout my late teens. The combo of being a product junkie and loving to take pictures eventually led me to blogging back in 2012 as a creative outlet. After about three years, I started my platform HAUS OF SXYZ.” she states.

With Italian roots, growing up in a family of tailors and being the savvy business woman she is, launching her own brand won’t come as a suprise. She recently started making Youtube videos in a different kind of format – meaning uploading around sixty second clips to give a more in-depht view of her life such as behind-the-scènes footage of Milan Fashion Week, doing interviews with Chanel Joan Elkayam, attending networking events, travelling the world, doing PR unboxings, shopping hauls and many more – to connect with her followers on a more personal level.” interview by Sierd Van Bergen

THE BRAND – I love wearing a good suit. I would say my aesthetic is a mixture of sport, luxury, minimalism, and maximalism. My first collection contains lots of juxtaposition. I take a lot of inspiration from the 60s and 90s in terms of color schemes and design elements. My whole angle has been trying to make tailoring feel more comfortable and casual. I used to hate shopping suits, I could never find the right fit or a suit that represented the vibe I wanted. I wanted to make art and that’s what I did. Boarding school chic meets clochard de luxe.